Thrive Groups

Are you looking for a way to connect to the church and make some new friends? Then Thrive Groups are for you! 

Our Thrive Groups are designed around a semester-based system where each semester lasts for 7 weeks. If you can't commit to a group this semester, another one is right around the corner. 

We gather in small groups for 4 reasons:

1.  Bible Study - Biblical Discussion

2. Fellowship - Forming Friendships

3. Prayer - Supporting Each Other

4. Care - Meeting Each Other's Needs

The "win" for our groups is when people make friends, apply God's Word in a practical way, and pray together. We were made to Thrive together! If you want to take that next step in your relationship with God then sign up for a Thrive Group today.

For the most up-to-date Thrive Group information, please fill out the request form HERE